About Us

Hi Praktikals fam, my name is Leidiane, I'm the founder of Praktikals handbags. I'm here to share with you how the desire to create Praktikals came about and the benefit of having a practical bag. 

 I always had a problem with the average handbag available to us. I love carrying my homemade meals to wherever I go and every time food or water would spill all over my bag. Finding things inside my bag was always a challenge, especially with keys, many times had to place my bag on the floor trying to find my keys. (who of you relate to this situation?) so that made me thinking of a handbag that would resolve those issues that most women experience regularly. That is how Praktikals handbag was born!!! I designed everything needed to keep your bag organised with easy access to your belongs when you need it and now I want to share with you what is like to have the best and most practical handbag set in the world.

Our Mission

Our ambition is that Praktikals handbag turns the world must- Have handbag for every woman.


In addition our mission is to help women to have a healthier and more practical live by creating innovative and useful handbag and accessories, and we. Also write a blog providing information on how to become more practical and live a healthier lifestyle.