How to Take Care and clean your Praktikals Handbag

Pu Leather

The exterior of your Praktikals bag has been treated with waterproof, so you can wipe her down with a damp cloth. The interior lining can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

Spray with protector spray or rub a wax onto your new leather bag before using it. If you get caught in the rain or spill something on your bag, the beeswax helps to prevent water or stains from sinking into the leather and causing damage. Speaking of rain, you can even buy a little ‘raincoat’ for your bag. Fold and keep this plastic cover tucked inside your bag for those unexpected storms.

Please be gentle with the Vegan leather on your Praktikals, as it may begin to wear away over time if you constantly rubbing with friction against your clothing or a surface. It is the customers responsibility to take care with their bag.


Should your zips feel sticky or stiff when your Praktikals is brand new a good trick is to rub a beeswax candle or some lead pencil along the zip to help it glide with ease.

Ensure you only zip and unzip your bag when the zipper is flat and straight. Excessive pulling or tugging on the zip may cause the zip head to bend and the zip teeth misalign. It is a customers responsibility to take care of the zip and not overfill the bag.

Just like all zips, it's a good idea to get your zip serviced once in a while to ensure the teeth are still in good condition. In the unlikely event that your zipper jams, the teeth bend or the zip even wiggles loose, your local cobbler will be your new best friend. Most cobblers will be able to either unjam your zip, or tighten it if required.


Should you scratch the leather on your bag during use - please treat this as you would a pair of PU leather shoes. You can treat the leather on the bag with the correct colour shoe polish/wax.

Lastly - don't forget, these bags are not made of real leather... and just like our skin, PU leather is never perfect, so sometimes you may see very minor bumps or wrinkles on the surface of your bag.

How to clean your Praktikals Handbag

Grab a baby wipe and give your PU leather bag a good clean up throughout the bag. Inside is made out Nylon, which is a waterproof fabric so you can also wipe your bag from inside out

How to remove wrinkles from your Handbag

Position the end of the dryer eight to 10 inches away from the wrinkled vegan leather surface. Move the end back and forth so that the hot air from the dryer is not hitting a single portion of the leather for too long. This prevents the dryer from burning the vegan leather.

To help handbags keep their shape, stuff them with paper or bubble wrap before storing them in a natural fabric pillowcase. Be sure to store handbags in a temperature-controlled environment, since sunlight or extreme heat can cause leather to dry out, fade or crack. After you have cleaned your bag, allow it to air dry completely before storing it. If your bag will be tucked away for a while, open the buckles and straps to prevent impressions in the leather.